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Legas are beast-like humanoids displayed great variety in sub-species whose appearance changes a lot. Much like Demons, Ahurans and other Orbidian species, the Legas were originally Humans from the Old World who were gifted with these animalistic bodies as a result of their Sending.

Basic Information


Mamalian animal features such as fur, claws and ears.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fast reproduction cycle, dependent on the type of animal race the lega belongs to.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Keener senses than most other species. Apart from eyesight (when compared to Ahurans), Legas have overall superior senses than any other species of Orbido.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

They had a tribal level of technologies for most of their existence in the jungle-filled isles. Proximity to the Keratos Empire forced them to quickly adapt their already decent naval technologies into advanced war platforms of all shapes, sizes, and performances. On a societal level however their technologies remain loose, apparently very similar to the level they maintained in the Old World.


A few centuries ago, the Lega "appeared" on the Feral Isles, multiple isles of diverse sizes forming a large archipelago to the East of Situl. If the oral stories are to be believed, all future Legas met with the same woman prior to their being sent away, a woman some among their numbers would consider divine in nature. Whatever the case, each Lega sub-species was put on its own dedicated island, some having the lucky draw when it came to access to resources. Many tribes formed and split over the Archipelagoes and larger Islands, with the differences between sub-species producing conflict and exploitation.   Relatively left alone, the Lega slowly colonized the entirety of their damp archipelagoes, but also settled on the Coast of Claws on the continent. Their settling enabled their meeting with the Keratos Empire around the year 300, and thus connecting them with the wider world. Lots of events occured between the two species. Enslaved by the thousands during the Imperial colonisation of their lands, a few Feralese victories did not completely liberate this species who saw half its populations brought into slavery to travel with the Demons during their Conquest of the world. Nowadays, while most Legas are still found on their Isles where they rule supreme again, a large amount of them are scatterred throughout the Eastern parts of Orbido. In the far West where the Conquest stopped Legas are a rare sight.
Scientific Name
Homo animalis
Geographic Distribution
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