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"Stuck between a cold forest and far rocks is a haven where violence and harvest blossom forever. Welcome to Makarith younglings."
Caravan Guard presenting the last stop of his caravan's journey.
  The north-westernmost Imperial City-State of the Keratos Empire. It is a settlement renowned for its training facilities in close proximity to the dangerous Fana Forest. The Mako Clan has held its governance for centuries, and have earned a dark reputation because of the harsh methods they employed as of late.   The breeding facilities and the military schooling of the Red City are considered below those of the likes of the Black Citadel and the Blue Citadel. It is still a very efficient facility. Makarith's phylosophies differ greatly from its sister city-states, relying more on high-risk high-reward actions, perhaps due to its confidence in the Asclelion's healing prowess and the traditions of fallen Sparta.   Peopled by a majority of Demons compared to the rest of the Imperial territories, it is beset by unrest and resentment against the push of the Eastern realms and encourages retaliation. It remains a large trading hub however, as it is the closest city state to the valleys of Blunter and their avid merchant caravans. The Blemak River helps the city transfer goods to the rest of the realm efficiently, and also supplies them with fresh recruits from all around the Steppes safely.


About 85% of the population is Demon in nature, even among the slaves. Dwarves make up for 5% of the permanent settlers, but there are many who visit the city-state for peddling purposes. The remaining Humans, Legas and Ahurans inhabitants are majoritably slaves or mercenaries.


A governor rules over the city with great administrative powers. Advisors seating on a council help them rule. They all report to the Imperial Council in Tal Shoth.


Extended walled formations, gigantic even by Imperial standards. Allows training within the confines of giant courtyards.


Makarith was properly established around 86 of the Imperial Calendar.   In 110, a wealthy farmer named Saphios took over after being appointed Governor by the Assembly of the Daemonis Republic.
In 116 a cowardly yet talented attendant named Phoros poisoned governor Saphios. Phoros was discreet enough to only be exposed after his own death, letting him be elected without issue rule Makarith for a few score years years.
In 146 Phoros' son Rapha succeeds him because of a surprising lack of other candidates. Rapha enacts new labor reforms and expands the walls to better protect access to the Blemak River.
In 152 a revolt kicks Rapha out of his seat and the Republic appoints the Captain of the guard, Nikata, as governor. His stern hold of the City-State reinforces its military might and revives old Spartan customs.
In 166 a slave assassinates Nikata after numerous changes made to the laws and punishment in Makarith. Nikata's daughter, Ekatine, succeeds him and tightens the noose on slaves and criminals.
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