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Baltath Hills

Also known as the "Cleaver Hills", the Baltath Hills count as one of the natural defenses the Demon Empire can count on, playing the same role as the Gorge of Deloth further south in separating the Verdant Steppes from the Crescent Basin. They are distinguished by the razor-like aspects of their rocky tops, akin to sharpened pieces of flint that can sometimes extend for as long as a half-kilometer.   The hills are to the direct north of the Trophe Road and serve as a natural barrier against intrusions, provided the sector is properly surveyed. The territories in and around the Baltath Hills have seen a lot of actions with the skirmishes between Fortern Kingdom and the Demon Empire, both coming and going as they conquer or lose territory beyond their borders. But recently Imperial fortifications were taken over, prompting the modern Battle of Baltath Hills.


A set of rolling hills located deep inland with no proximity to rivers or the like. The aridity and the plentiness of observation points make invasions from this side a harsh endeavor. Located to the north-west of of Mor Toith, right on the edge of the Fana Forest.


Species of rodents and goats do inhabit the region, feeding off the grass

Fauna & Flora

More peaceful than the average areas near a Forest riddled with monsters, it used to be a prized path for exchange. Occasionnaly, monsters migrate in numbers into the hills, attracting preys and predators of all kinds. The massive herds of mana-infused deers are commonly observed during the end of Summer, forcing caravans to leave the areas vacant. Outside of this, there are large numbers of rodentshiding within the grass of the hills, as well as an active fauna of sheep and wild horses.

Natural Resources

Few mineral ressources, and small amounts of trees. There are rock quarries to the south, as well as hot springs. The greatest assets are the great mounds of clay available on the surface, and used to create housings without having to risk life in a forest for trees.
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Cleaver Hills, Fana's Fangs, the West Mottes...
Rolling Hills
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