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Daniel Vandega, Culler of the Meek

Daniel Vandega

"I care little how many people I kill so long as you're one of them!" Daniel Vandega pursuing a Demon officer while his horse tramples his own footsoldiers.
  The ruthless captain of the Black Spikes Knight Brigade is one surrounded by praise for his efforts, and fear for his actions. Be it on the battlefield or the roads Daniel shows pride in his head-count for powerful Demons and criminals. He has taken a habit of mounting their heads as trophies in his estate, mirroring what he believes to be Imperial customs. His ambition is to achieve as many kills on campaigns as the living legend that is Général Braise Forja of Fortern. While there is no Hero blood in his veins, he counts on his training, the ferocity of his entourage, and the violence of his charges to perforate the flancs of the Demon Legion and gather the blood he seeks.   After the Massacre of Mor Toith, Daniel volunteered to hunt down the retreating Imperial forces that had taken refuge in the Crescent Basin. HIs hunts made him a threat to the Demon survivors. He went as far as to harass Remnant settlements he accused of harbouring fugitives.   Outside of his duties, Daniel trains both himself and younger recruits in his hometown of Manduna of the Apostoli Dukedom. However, as son as the call to arms is given, he jumps on his horse, rallies his chevaliers and galops to the battlefield to get his fill.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in the Apostoli Dukedom, Daniel always admired his northern neighbor's courage against the Demon Empire. At the first chance he got, he joined the training to join a Brigade Chevalière. After a decade of rigourous training and a few disciplinary issues, he joined the not-so renowned Black Spikes as a low-ranked Knight.   It was on the battlefield that Daniel's lack of fear and ust for blood shined. He was promoted with each battle he survived, gaining a reputation of mad yet cunning dog. While no, Daniel and his acquired comrads never failed to cull the lesser Demons among the ranks, earning him the nickname "Culler of the Meek".
Current Location
Year of Birth
524 AS 33 Years old
Dark-brown, short front hair, ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.79 m
89 kg
Aligned Organization

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