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Franc Ecart

Marquess Franc Alphonse Ecart (a.k.a. "Young Master")

"This world is full of opportunities. All I needed was a good starting hand."
Franc adressing Général Braise Forja
  The third son of Count Ambrose Ecart, one of the lords of the Apostoli Dukedom. This young heir can only be considered a genius. Hardworking, charismatic, modest and wry like no other his age. Aristocrats wonder if the boy they meet is really a thirteen year old boy or perhaps a very competent Sent though such rumors aere seldom spoken out loud.   Franc is credited for resolving the Yellow Blood epidemic that had ravaged the south of the Apostoli Dukedom and the Rossan-Valid Dukedom. His so-called Yellow Shield stopped the spread of the disease in the Dukedom while the rest of the region suffered. And for this feat, the Apostolite Duchess Fanela Castellana offered him the wealth and ressources to conduct experiments however he liked. A boon Franc gladly accepted.   Franc also obtained favors from the Fortern Kingdom's military forces. A renowned general carrying out a drill in the wilderness was trapped in the middle of a Red Death outbreak. Franc's advices and quarantine protocols saved a lot of men, and earned him the friendship of the rising nation. Armed with allies, gold, his loyal servant David-Louis Cruchon and his great knowledge, he headed for the front between Demons and Humans at the Cleaving Hills for the purpose of "Making a partner." as he called it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Perfect health, body in great condition and trained on a daily basis. The Marquess is trainning not for the purpose of battle, but for maintaining his body as healthy as possible, and sculpt it into a symbol of perfection. Lean figure,

Facial Features

Soft beginnings of a beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Chemical burns on the tip of the fingers and the lower part of the wrists.

Physical quirks



General Estofar Del Ascua

Partner (Vital)

Towards Franc Ecart



Franc Ecart

Partner (Important)

Towards General Estofar Del Ascua



Nicknames & Petnames

Braise keeps calling Franc "boy", instead of using his title of potential lord of Apostoli. Franc addresses Braise as "General", even after Braise's false-retirement from the army to participate in his experiment.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
As the eldest surviving son of the Count, Franc will inherit his land and titles save for a few belongings that'll go to his younger sister.
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
3rd of Winter
Year of Birth
543 AS 14 Years old
Dark blue, upturned.
Short light-brown hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.49 m
53 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
If I ever ask for your opinion, I'll have to flagelatte myself for even needing it.
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Artemis Fowl

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