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Mount Ebenos

Ebenos is a solitary giant black volcano at the southern core of the Ebenos Ridge to the east of the Verdant Steppes. On its basaltic slopes the Demons harvest previous copper, carve out precious ebony, and till the fertile soils to arm, decorate, and feed their warriors.


The shape of mount Ebenos is unlike anything on Orbido. There is but one peak to its northern edge which is more like a giant pillar than anything else. If viewed from the west, it's as if a giant scooped out a great portion of the ridge leaving half of an empty circle in its passage. That appearance likely inspired the emblem of the Demon Empire.


The outer-most reaches of the mountain are covered in oaks and exploitations of many kinds, but higher on the mountain can be found plenty of Apospyros trees who seem exclusive to the area. While plenty of fiends still dwell in the unexplored recesses of the area, most have been eradicated through the efforts of the Demons over many a generations.

Fauna & Flora

The southern and western part of the moutain are well-irragated by the clouds the Undying Ocean carries over. As a result of these rains, small yet healthy forests surround the volcano. These forest are , with oaks, berries and small fruit trees. In them one also finds fewer monsters than usual in the Verdant Steppes. The cause could be the zealous hunting by Imperial forces, who nonetheless let the livestocks and "normal" preys repopulate eventually.   The higher levels of Mount Ebenos welcome fewer inhabitants, plant or animal. But there have been tales of secret visitors who roam the highest peaks at night. Giant monsters or brave pranksters, the mystery is a good tale to recite for Imp children at night.

Natural Resources

Being a volcanic region, a lot of the region. There is a large amount of copper buried at the bottom of the range under ancient lava deposits. Moreover, the luxuriant vegetation sprouting from the rich grounds supplies the Demon Empire with precious wood without relying on Carsil or the Fana Forest. The Oaks are used for building ships that travel the water ways of the Verdant Steppes or sailing towards the Feral Isles.   Quiet, the woods are great for visiting and gathering food like berries and fruits in good quantities. There are also farms outside the woods which supply a good portion of the Empire. It also offers a great and diverse area for Travelesr to train in.


History enthousiasts may visit the slopes and installations to better understand how their ancestors chose to brave the dangers of the wilds to establish a civilization around it. But in general, if you're not a worker, there is little for anyone on Mount Ebenos. It is better to observe it from afar anyway.
Alternative Name(s)
Le Mont Noir
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