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Perion Morano

Armuth Perion Morano (a.k.a. "the Prudent")

"Yes, the Legion does not care about my race so long as I assist my fellows... But no I shan't walk the street and risk having an old veteran scream for the slave-hunters thank you very much."
    Human of the Keratos Empire Was born the son of a slave in Mako Marith, but didn't inherit his status as per the Second Velian Reforms' rulings. Perion grew up in an imperial life-school and was bullied by his Impish classmates. Once he acquired the knowledge he needed, he wasted no time to go make his living as a farmer. When his boss' business went under, the last option was to join the military whose rules would protect him from the Demons he feels uncomfortable around. Surprisingly, he is now an Armuth of the Demon Legion. Paranoid and easily impressed, Perion's rise in the ranks of the imperial forces rests upon his skill with mana manipulation and his detection skills. He is very appreciated by his squads and can gamble the pants out of anyone.   Outside of his duties, Perion hides among the human districts of Edessalia. He rarely appears in public as he fears the more bigotted elements of the Empire might see his human features with a bad eye. To be fair, his worries are legitimate as the more western regions of the Empire are more Demon-centered than the rest. He was mistaken for an escaped slave too many times for his liking, unpleasant experiences which cemented his skepticism. He still wonders what he was thinking joining the Legion.


Social Aptitude

Easily intimidated, low confidence which may cause him not to voice concerns.


Moves his hands around a lot, but his arms remain stiff.


Says "thanks" a lot in order to feel like he wasn't too aggressive.


Perion Morano

Subordnate (Important)

Towards General Dath Durge



General Dath Durge

Commanding officer (Important)

Towards Perion Morano




On the battlefield together for the last six years.

Wealth & Financial state

Is so stingy and paranoid that he managed to hoard enough savings to start a company or two. Still undecisive as to what to do with it.
Current Location
Year of Birth
525 AS 32 Years old
Mako Marith's breeding citadel.
65 kg
Aligned Organization

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