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Red Citadel

"Newmoon! Newmoon! Newmoon!"
Red Citadel battle-schoolers cheering for the new recruits.
  The Red Citadel is one of the harshest Breeding Citadels as well as the most rigourous Battle-School. The Demons raised in its bowels become stronger and meaner in the process.   Contrary to most other City-States in the Demon Empire, the facility is located a few paces outside the inner-walls of Mako Marith, near a gorge full of training grounds and fighting-pits.   They grow a lot of Dirt-Pears in the surroundings of the City-State, behind Mako Marith's Outer Walls  Prepping the field is a very taxing work used to exhaust the local students completely.

Purpose / Function

The Breeding-Citadel of the facility is among the oldest, and is less productive than others in terms of raw number born behind the walls. For that reason Mako Marith is happy to welcome the unwanted children from other imperial City-States. Its Battle-School however, is extremely effective so much so that some graduates prefer the blood-soaked battlefield or the monster-riddled forests to it.


The roofs shine red in the morning, giving the Citadel its nickname.
Alternative Names
The Mold, the Red
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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