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The Asclelion ([asleljən])

"Bite, scratch and tear all you like. The House of Cuts is close enough."
Makarian citizen encouraging a brawl.
  A giant healing complex that welcomes the sick and wounded of Makarith and its surrounding region. A pinacle of modern medicine lead by experts. Practitioners travel far just to gain experience in its facilities. Besides that, the Asclelion also serves as a center for the political and cultural life of the City-State. Much exchange occur in the temple's wide spaces while its proximity to a Name Pit, brothels, theaters and other entertaining businesses allow swift access to medicines of the spirit.   In the Asclelion itself magicized healing cohexists with the more "traditional" forms of medicine. As such, Enthousiasts physicians and Polymath doctors do not compete within these grounds, or at least not openly.


Generally designed in old world style, the many paths and common plazas are collonaded with white limestone extrated from the western of Lower Blunter, an old courtesy of the Kingdom of Blunter. The many different buildings from various schools of medicine all had their own personal architects hired for the task, making it hard to settle on a specific style.

The complex sits on a hill at the center of the City-State and is stretched a little under a half-mile square, with four levels each with their own terrace to welcome patients from all edges.
Alternative Names
The House of Cuts
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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