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General Dath Durge


"Durge doesn't judge, but he doesn't forget either."
Dath Saepr about his friend.
  One of the rising warriors of the Demon Legion. Dath Durge is both a strategist and a great fighter with a spear and a ride to support him. Patient, amicable and altogether a great companion, he is the calm counterpart of his adopted brother, Dath Saepr. Despite his recent successes in battle and his evolution into an Archdemon, Durge is a Demon who feels true sadness.   Blood-son of the old and revered General Dath Pagon, Durge has tried to live up to his father's expectations for most of his life. Latest events have put him at odds with his true father. The young heir of the Dath Clan went from Five-Thousand-man Leader (Corpoth) to replacing the disgraced Dath Pagon as General of the Empire. An event that shook both Demons greatly greatly.

Personality Characteristics


Durge lives to serve the Empire, protect his troops, safeguard his friends, but most of all please his father.

Virtues & Personality perks

"Kahaha! You're the politest little General I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Smile little Durge! Your Emperor commands!" Lord-Emperor Fur Paveth upon meeting Durge.
  Durge is well-mannered and quiet, always listening to people and trying not to agroe them. He is also hard-working and works wonders in groups.

Vices & Personality flaws

Druge's biggest flaw is his lack of confidence, stemming from the hate his father displays around him. He can be easily depressed at times and feel like he doesn't deserve his glorious place among the Demon Legion.


Dath Dagon

Father (Important)

Towards General Dath Durge



General Dath Durge

Son (Vital)

Towards Dath Dagon




The birth of an heir to his clan was all Dath Pagon ever thought about while he was off defending the Empire from any threat. The love of his life was his mate, Ortenia, a clanless mage of the Legion, and an officer of higher rank than him at the time. They completed each other so perfectly that Pagon had followed her through every campaigns and every struggle. When finally the two of them had a child the old fashionned way, fate dealt a heavy blow. Torsoth Ortenia died in childbirth, beyond saving from any modern medicine.   Pagon welcomed the child into his clan, but left him fend for himself in a battle-school as soon as he could, not even requesting a name for the Name-Pit.   Willing to earn his father's favor, Durge joined the Legion and demanded to be affected near his station. The young Demon worked harder than anyone to become the perfect yet flexible soldier he is today. But that did not suffice for Pagon, who began ignoring his son when he ran out of actual flaws to give his son. The current relationship between the two can only be seen as abusive.

Relationship Reasoning

Pagon sees his dead love in Durge, yet also her end. His cruel and vengeful personnality did not allow anyone of lower rank to ever question him before, and thus, even though Durge is his blood, he pushes him away harder than he would anyone else. Durge knows why his father really doesn't respect him, but he has yet to hear it straight from the man. Nevertheless, Durge has hope that he can make things right in the end. No matter the price, his heroic father will be proud of him.

Shared Acquaintances

Das Saepr, Mareen...

Commander Dath Saepr

Sworn brother (Vital)

Towards General Dath Durge



General Dath Durge

Sworn brother (Vital)

Towards Commander Dath Saepr



Perion Morano

Subordnate (Important)

Towards General Dath Durge



General Dath Durge

Commanding officer (Important)

Towards Perion Morano




On the battlefield together for the last six years.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
533 AS 24 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
His mother died giving birth to him after difficult pregnancy.
Dark green, squinty.
Dark green, slicked back.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.79 m
91 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases

"That will suffice."

"Yes but can you not? Please?"
"As expected, I could never get along with your line of thinking, Father."
Aligned Organization

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