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Loyal Idiot

Hand-Leader Cothro (a.k.a. "Bootlicker")

"Don't know. Don't care. Didn't ask."
Cothro whenever asked something important.

A devoted Hellion Legionnaire of the Fourth Imperial Body, leading one of its Fingers into battle. Cothro is strong like an ox and just as simple minded when it comes to Legion business.

Physical Description

Body Features

Scars all over his body, even on his back. Missing a part of his right ear.

Facial Features

Well-shaved, chiseled and large face.

Identifying Characteristics

Tatoo of his name and breeding citadel over the heart.

Physical quirks

Left-handed, scratches his right side when he's nervous.

Special abilities

Water manipulation (poor), body-strengthning magic (expert).

Apparel & Accessories

Official Demon Legion vestments. Yellow scarf on his left shoulder marking him as the leader of a Finger.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cothro was born in Makarith. Clanless and batch-born like many others, he nonetheless made his way up the social ladder in the Red Citadel fairly quickly thanks to his constitution. Lacking in any specific skills other than brawling, he joined the Kratoth Legion because of a fascination with the organization's heroic history. Through his carrier and education he kept showing a high degree of respect to the Kratoth Legion and its chain of command,going so far as to completely switch personalities when addressing any of his superiors fitting his nickname of "Bootlicker". Oddly enough, the best friend he ended up making is the undisciplined Hellion Tal Zola, a younger, smarter, but more rebellious Hellion that serves as his partner. Preventing the mischievous girl from deserting is Cothro's most time consumming hobby.


Standardized Imperial education in Life-School followed by general education and beginning of military service in Battle-School.


Has been part of the Kratoth Legion for about a decade. Joined as soon as he graduated from Battle-School. Once refused a promotion thinking he didn't deserve it. Currently figthing as part of Busy Bergar's Hand, one of Leon the Lazy's lieutenants.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Decorated officer and a survivor of many battles. Great brawler who earned the name of an ancient Demon Lordfighting in a Name Pit.

Failures & Embarrassments

Is the laughing stock of some among the Legion who find the fact that Cothro learns nothing from his mistakes pretty hilarious. Botched an assignement because of his erronous assumptions more than once.

Mental Trauma

Affraid of drowning.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dumb, instinctual, poor singer, great dancer.

Morality & Philosophy

If a superior says so, it must be so. Cothro never questions an order, no matter how stupid or suicidal. His actions are full of confidence without a shred of perspective.

Personality Characteristics


Pleasing his superiors and serving the Empire is his raison-d'être. Stopping Zola from not serving the Empire "effectively" is another raison-d'être.



Stiff like a board whenever in public, he follows Legion etiquettes far too intensely to be taken seriously. He speaks clearly and without a hint of emotion at first, but often downgrades back into familiar territory after a bit of a push from his fellow soldiers. Such a circus often reoccurs the next day.


Makarithian accent. Uses short sentences. Has a lot of compliments in mind for whatever choice a superior might make. Not as resourceful when it comes to insults.


Tal Zola

Best friend (Vital)

Towards Cothro




Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Tal Zola



Current Location
Date of Birth
4th of Summer
Year of Birth
531 AS 26 Years old
Dark brown, wide.
Aquamarine, perfectly short military cut.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white.
1,68 m
73 kg
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Cornelius Chesterfield

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