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Battle of the Little Climb

"Do not embelish the truth. This battle was an embarassment for both sides. Only the strength of the soldiers and the powers of the Leaders determined victory. Certainly not you."
Lord General Kor Pardon rejecting the point of vue of General Dath Dagon .
  A short campaign led by the Fortern Kingdom against its neighbour the Keratos Empire.

The Conflict


Exploiting some economical difficulties the Demon Empire was facing due to their financing of a certain project, coupled with poor harvests. The Crown Prince of the Fortern Kingdom brought his army, accompanid by war hero Estofar Del Ascua and headed to the Baltath Hills in order to block Imperial entry to the Crescent Basin until reinforcement may fortify their positions and seal the new frontier under full Forternian control.   The Human army had moved fast and secured a good position around Betrayer's Peak, but could not begin work immediately as Demon Legion belonging to the Fourth Imperial Body commanded by General Dath Pagon chose to pursue the offensive as soon as possible.


The Kratoth Legion was deployed:
  • The Fourth Imperial Body under the Command of General Dath Pagon
  • Under him were four Chest Commanders and their units:   To the West on the Forternian side:
  • The South wing led by Crown Prince Clovis de Fortern.
  • The Northern wing led by
  • Battlefield

    The Baltath Hills, also known as the "Cleaver Hills", were the grounds of most of the conflict. First concerned were its southern parts adjacent to the Tropha Road and its small plains. Second and lastly came the central region of the Hills with war-torn forts being occupied by the manouevering Forternian army to withstand an Imperial assault from the plains to their east.

    The Engagement

    "Charging uphill would be hazardous, if you were still living in the Old World that is. I wagered what defenses they had wouldn't bar our sheer might and I was right."
    Dath Pagon defending his strategy
      The first engagement occured between the garrisoned forces of the Tropha Road attempting to stop the invaders long enough for the Legion to arrive. An overwhelming advance from the Human side ensured as the fortifications were breached easily enough.

    The second occured when the Fourth Imperial Body manage to cut off the road from the East, forcing the Prince-led army to retreat after a few frontal skirmishes with results in Imperial favour. The Kingdom decided to actually climb north as their exit route per Général Estofar's advices.

    The third and final engagement occured after the Kingdom's forces managed to retreat north to fortify a new advantageous position on Baltath Hills proper. Intense battle ensued with Dath Pagon forcing a global offensive despite the terrain. A costly victory for the Empire, but a victory nonetheless.
    Conflict Type
    Military Campaign
    Start Date
    51st of Summer 557
    Ending Date
    55th of Summer 557

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