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General of the Imperial Legion

"You don't get to command thousands of Demons just by being big and strong. It takes smarts and courage, and the will to throw away precious lives the same way an archer looses arrows."

The highest echelon of officer in the Demon Legion below the special cases of Demon Lords or Havok units. They have command over Bodies, Torsoes, and Arms, mounting to the tens of thousand men in certain cases.

While a good amount of Imperial Generals are Archdemon, it is not a necessity to be evolved if one wants to be promoted.


Sccessful miliary examination. Three years experience leading a thousand-strong regiment. Valorous action in battle. Support of three Legion Generals as well as the governor of one city-state. Promotion can be vetoed by three other generals or another governor.


A ceremony prepared by fellow generals appoint the candidate. Can be performed on the battlefield or in private.


Report. Remain in charge of the commanders underneath and see to their training.


Day-to-day inspection of the state of the army. Scheduling military exercices and manoeuvers.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Helf of a red-cape of fonction adorns the left shoulder.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A general can be removed from his function by the Council of governors.
Civic, Military, Generic
Title still in effect.
Alternative Naming
Red Arm
Equates to
General of Fortern. Olrok of Menia. Shaf of the Feral Isles. General of Midland. Pasha of Arbeka.
Source of Authority
The Demon Emperor, The Demon Lords, and fellow General.
Length of Term
NO limit of term.
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations

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