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Kor Pel

the Observer

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't trying so hard... but then I think about the worst that could happen, and then I just can't not do what I need to do. Do you see what I mean?"
Kor Pel about himself
  A young, slim, and uncertain Commander of a Chest who, regardless of his links to the prestigious Kor Clan, actually rose to his impressive position in the Kratoth Legion accidently. Pel is a Hellion, a rare trait to have as a high-ranking officer yet one that has no relevance to his uncanny approach to warfare. Pel prefers planning for the future, and has therefore surrounded himself with competent advisors to maintain a position he doesn't like but excell at. Paradoxally, the more Pel tries to escape his condition the more he cements his place in the war by his exploits.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the son of a weathy farmer and a night worker, Pel hurriedly rejoined his parent after finishing his service at Fur Dessath's Battle-School. He learned how to lead the slaves and workers efficiently in the harsh land that form the Steppes. It is said that Pel mistakened Demon Legion visitors for Marauders, and organised a defense. Amused at first, the Legion officer in charge was stunned by Pel's tactics that repelling his superior forces. After personnaly resolving the conflict by introducing himself as a Kor Clan representative, a long discussion ensued where Pel and his household were considered for adoption by the honest Clan. Against all odds, Pel accepted because of his inassertive nature.   The following years, Pel helped his adoptive Clan chase down Demon Marauders anywhere in the Empire. As luck would have it, his handler, Kor Penadon, let him earn as much credits as possible so he could laze out of the conflicts. So successful was the honorary Kor member and so embellished were his achievement that he ended up being promoted to General in less than six years, letting Pel become the youngest General in Legion history in front of Dath Durge.   Nowadays he leads his troops at the center of the Verdant Steppes to watch for any new Marauder gangs forming from the East. Pel hopes to one day return to the fields, but would feel too guilty not staying where the Empire needs him.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
534 AS 23 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in Fur Dessath's Breeding Citadel.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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