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Tolu Xandon

One of the revered Generals of the Demon Empire. Assigned to the South-western frontier with access to the sea. Xandon protects the realm from invading monster originating from the sea or the Carsil forest, as well as rampaging Feralese pirates.   Analytical and prudent, Xandon rarely leaves his fortress by the shore, preferring to send the troops he personnaly trained to handle the dangers while he gathers data for further actions. Given his potential as a powerful Archdemon, some may question this unwillingness to face battle himself, as well as his overweight compared to the Imperial standard. Despite the whispers, the Tolu clan's scion has not changed his tactics yet.

Physical Description

Body Features

Unnerving amount of scars under his clothes, not all from battle.

Facial Features

Four simetrycal holes on his horns, long scar under the left jawline.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
522 AS 35 Years old
Grey sclera, purple pupils.
Long grey hair, braided ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark blue.
1,77 m
127 kg

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