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Five hundred Legionnaires united in purpose. This formation is commanded by an Arm Commander, usually an Archdemon with great experience on the field.   Two Arms make up a full Chest, while a Body is made up of various Chests.



About 500 people are involved with the rank of Armuth, be they infantrymen, artisans or engineers. Their diversity grants more autonomy to the soldiers in the ways of foraging and handling fortified grounds. The distribution of cavalry, infantry and mages is at the discretion of the officer. Tamed monsters can be part of the unit and can count as one or more personnel.   The supporting staff (cooks, medics, cartographers, scuts and engineers...) is composed of soldiers from the unit who all have rudimentary knowledge from their times at the batte school.


Standard equipment of the Empire, mass-produced iron swords, axes, spears and armors worked in Dwarven forges or by Demon hands.


The officer is assigned a horse for travels should his training not include fast movement.


The Armuth has five Manuth under his command, each of them commanding two hundred men as part of their unit. An Armuth is part of a Torsuth with other Armuths. The full body is under the control of a General who commands between five to ten thousand people.
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