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Fortern Kingdom

Considered the mightiest Human realm of the continent, Fortern is a nation with a history of repeated falls betrayals. It is today at its strongest. Its origin are said to stem from the great Francia Empire from a few hundred years ago, with the Fortern royal family being descendants of its rightful heir.   As the northern-most state of the Eastern Realms, the lone Kingdom shares its eastern border with the powerful Demon Empire. The conquering titan is a constant adversary, and regular wars are waged between the two powers when the seasons and the resources are not depleted by monster attacks. As of late, the Demon Empire has been on the defensive, letting the Forternian believe opportunities have been revealed.


Forternian culture has greatly affected a number of Eastern Realms cultures, with its language and values born from the frankish First Sent who spread what little they manage to cobble together from the Old World.   It is a feudal society rellying on vassals and caste system of nobility. The Church values of the Old World have been lost during the First Sending where the beliefs system almost collapsed. But successor religions like the Way of Acceptance have arisen and influenced the nation's policies.

Public Agenda

As a majoritably Human-populated Realm with great pride, Fortern aims to deny the dominion of the Demon Empire, unite the Eastern Realms under its banner through vassalisation, and maintain its royal line.


The lands of Fortern and its vassal counties are very fertile and receive fewer monster attacks than most of the continent. The Fana Forest to its north-east is the major source of monster incursion and bandit raids.


Re-established by Jean II "Le Revenu" de Fortern who usurped the throne and killed the claimants to his titles. Fortern quickly rekndled its anciant values. The leadership of the conqueror king was followed by great economic rebirth and a strenghtening of the borders.   The reconquest of Oveny, an old Forternian fortress held by the Demon EMpire for centuries was a major morale boost to the Kingdom who made more and more vassals out of the southern Human Realms.

Worthy and Right

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Rampart Realm, the Kingdom of Inheritance
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Moons. Precious metals shaped in crescent. In direct opposition to the Demon Empire's Suns.
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Items
Related Ethnicities

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The Knight Age

88 AS 196 AS

After peace had somewhat spread in the region occupied by Humans magic and its use could be further studied. The people became stronger, learning how to strengthen their performances and create elements out of thin air. Training people in the arts of combat and magic to become Knight was a popular method of increasing a city's strength. The politics remained feodal, but there was no unifying banners. Only small cities and small lords, with very few alliances.

  • 110 Knight

    123 Knight

    Birth of Dentro-Santos
    Political event


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