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Duke Carles de Fortern

Duke Carles de Fortern (a.k.a. "l'Umble")

My tale is done. It matters not by whom or why it was cut.
Carles about his life.
  Elder brother of Jean IV "le Hardi" de Fortern, ruling over his very own Dukedom in the peaceful northernmost territories of the Crescent Basin. A peaceful and lonely man most often refered to as "Carles l'Umble". He has lost all claim to the throne and simply awaits death in whatever form it may come. Despite this, he governs his people fairly and diligently.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Firstborn son of Géraud I "le Fol" de Fortern and allegedly of his wife Reine-Mère Madeleine de Fortern. The quiet type, Carles spent most of his childhood studying indoors in order to better rule his future realm. Meanwhile his younger brother went to study chivalry as well as matters of war and survival intensely.   Despite their differences, the siblings got along just fine.

Gender Identity





Well versed in stewardship and the intricacies of politics, he studied history in great depths. Carles continued his education beyond his teenage years and now ammasses knowledge more as a pass-time than anything else.


Played the roles of ambassador to the Keratos Empire for three years after coming of age. Was given access to the The Black Link which he used to converse with the Demonic inhabitants of the Verdant Steppes.

After extreme circumstances in 535, was relegated as governing ruler of one of the northern Counties and removed from the line of succession. Promoted to Duke of the north by his brother Jean in 550.

Failures & Embarrassments

Disinhereted by his Father upon his discovering Carles' "deviant" thoughts and behavior.
Date of Birth
2nd of Spring
Year of Birth
514 AS 43 Years old
Bright-blue eyes, upturned.
Short brown hair.
1.80 m
59 kg
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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