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Jean IV "le Hardi" de Fortern

Self-appointed Liberator of Humanity

King Jean IV de Fortern (a.k.a. "le Hardi")

The current ruler of the Fortern Dynasty and its eponymous Kingdom . King Joan the Fourth is a determined Human seeking to free his fellows that have been enslaved by the Demon Empire for literal generations.   Joan has enacted many edicts that seek to revoke everything the Imperial machine implemented during their control of the Easttern Realm. Common Imperial is not the official language anymore, letting French back to the stage. The Demo. However, the more useful tools the Demons produced were kept from this censorship. The sturdy roads and high walls of Demon manufacture, as well as the idea behind Adventurer Guilds among others.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Second son of the mad ruler known as Géraud I "le Fou" de Fortern and Reine-Mère Madeleine de Fortern, Jean was a shrewd child with a rebelious mind, which led his then sane father to send him to study in a school of chivalry, one that had opened recently after the Demon Empire's borders stopped at the city of Oveny.




House-schooled by the greatest warriors, mages and teachers during his child years in Castelaur.


Four years years serving as commander of the second Forternian division under Marshal Worth Cuttington. Appointed Keeper of the Peace with the City-Watch of Fortern for two years. Acsends the throne as king in 536. Remains in post ever since.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Expanded the Fortern borders into Demon Empire territory. Managed to manipulate the markets and restore the economy by creating new Fortenian currency only used within the Eastern Kingdoms. Rescued thousands enslaved people from demonic subjugation.

Failures & Embarrassments

Publically humiliated during Third Treaty of Equor when the benefits of the Demon Empire on his country were brought to light. Was forced to give semi-independence to the southern Dukedoms and Marquisates under threat of revolt.

Mental Trauma

Phobias of Demon culture.

Intellectual Characteristics

Excellent treasurer. Great orator. Not a good long time planner.


Eating products cooked with Demon recipes.
Date of Birth
4th of Spring
Year of Birth
517 AS 40 Years old
Bright-blue eyes, squinty.
Mid-long golden hair.
1.79 m
78 kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Easternite: Mother tongue. Common Imperial: fluent. English: fluent.
Ruled Locations
Appears in...

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