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The loss of Oveny

Of the Retrivance of Oveny by the Fortern Kingdom through Blood and Ashes in Winter of the Imperial year 534

After months of grueling siege, the well-furnished fortress of Oveny seemed impregnable. We Demons had fortified ourselves with great amounts of supplies, and the falling snow quenched our thirst without issues. Yet everything changed when the youngest of enemy heroes, the Ashmaker, Braise of Fortern, chose to attack with cunning and power in equal measures.

Few are those who returned from the battlefield that day, some dead, some choosing a viler path. Among the deserters were those who trampled their brothers to escape, marring the fresh snow in bloodied footsteps. Let it be known that these blood-walkers be never forgotten for their cowardice as they let slip the last bastion into the Eastern Realms. Let it be known that all traitor officers will face judgment for the loss of Oveny at the ends of the Ortho Legion. Armuth Paradocleth, Armuth Cynthia, and the Manuth under their command are to be remembered yet shunned.


The spread of this missive via Travelers shared not only the news of the defeat, but also cemented the name of the new Marauders known as Blood Walkers to the populace.

The Wordreach, as usual, displayed a lack of tact and brutal honesty in the coming days about the battle, giving precise details as to what happened. This truth gave rise to anger among the Imperial people who vowed to bid their time and gather their forces in the Verdant Steppes to one day sow revenge upon the Humans.


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