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"I swear upon the spear that has brought ruin to Demons that this campaign will see the Empire suffer true loss at long last."
King Jean the Fourth on his departure to what would be known as the Massacre of Mor Toith.
  A long spear fit for a Hero. Chastiecorne is the legendary weapon that faced the Demon forces on countless occasions in the hands of numerous Heroes and Géneraux. Said to be the nemesis of All-Piercer though the two artefacts never clashed. It is currently housed atop the throne of the King of Fortern, Jean IV in the Castle of Sang-Fond.   Not much is known of the weapon's manufacture as there are no marks or special signature to demarque it, only an unusually broad tip with a hole in it. Despite this apparent flaw, this weapon pierced and cleaved through the reinforced hides of countless foes even on the level of Archdemons.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
One of a kind wonder.
Raw materials & Components
Made of metal alloys and from rare and expensive ores, no wooden parts included made this spear a heavy tool and a difficult one to wield properly. Rumored to be partially made of gold but only a closer study might reveal the truth.

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