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The All-Piercer

"It is said that whosoever restores this ancient weapon will rekindle the Conquest. Whosoever wields it again may rule the world."
"Only one way to find out."

Teasure hunters discussing the Demon relic.
  A legendary artifact once wielded by many Lord-Emperors of the Demon Empire. Made of extra durable material in order to withstands the superhuman clash such as those between Demon Lords and Heroes.

The spear was reported broken in during a fight, yet another ill omen that would lead to the end of the Conquest. Some of the fragments are said to have been acquired by Easternite soldiers who sold the components for booze. But those rumors were never confirmed true. The closest existing relic being used by the Empire is the custom-made spear wielded by Lord-Emperor Fur Paveth "Goldson", the Pillar of Storm.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is a shorter spear than those used in formation by the Demon Legion (who can range in the 4 metres long). It's purpose is for singular combat and artistic display rather than pure military use. Thus, the skill of the wielder is the most important part of the All-Piercer. The sharpness of the head, as well as the all's own great tensile, yield, impact and compressive strengths serve to keep it intact and let the wielder remain on the frontlines longer.


This spear's history is one of battle and Conquest, weathering elements and impacts over decades in the hands of various Demon Lords. It survived battles that would have shattered any lesser objects and it has killed numerous brave warriors in battle. In its latter days, a Lord-Emperor saw fit to etch a nock on the shaft every time the Demon Empire expanded its borders, making All-Piercer the symbol of the Empire's growth.   With its loss in battle, though superstition isn't deeply rooted in Imperial culture, many saw a sign that things were about to change for the Empire. Nowadays, the idea of finding and reforging the spear is a poetic dream that could encourage the return to a golden age of conquests.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
A one of a kind weapon made from extremely rare materials and forged by experts blacksmith of the Demon Empire. The shaft was made out of dense wood harvested from trees in a distant part of the Carsil Forest, The head was forged out of an incredibly hard alloy of steel, the recipe for which is up for debate since the spear was lost.
10x*218 cm

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