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Générale Marie "La Bonne" Garcia

"She's as tall as an Archdemon, can arm wrestle a Resogon and she's a decent strategist. But she has breasts so the Humans don't use her. What a waste."
Lord-General criticizing Forternian military practices.
  The controversial Générale of Fortern is a tall and quiet woman with sad eyes. It is extremely rare for Human women to be part of the military in the Eastern realms, even after the culture shock of Imperial occupation during the age of their Conquest. With the rise of Fortern's nostalgic outlook on society, and their rejection of anything the Demon Empire brought, women have been somewhat neglected in recent years.   Some detractors attribute her advent sollely for the fact that she is both nobleborn, rich, and a Hero, dismissing her prowess, her talent as a commander, and her numerous victories on the battlefield. Marie can only count on her close circle of friends and officers to help her maintain her postion in the military. Meanwhile she has grown busy handling the affairs of her noble house when her uncle, the former head of the Garcia dynasty, died two years prior. All in all, she is busy and unhappy. Currently looking forward to the day the Kingdom call for her help and she can say "no".

Personality Characteristics


As the one and only female Général of Fortern, Marie only wishes to help her country the way she feels would put her gifts to the best use. If it implies staying far from the frontlines, then so shall it be.
Current Location
Year of Birth
515 AS 42 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Confirmed Hero status detected on birth.
Dauletombe, Town of Barges
Brown, short bob-cut.
1.67 m
64 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"It can't be helped."
Aligned Organization

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