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Grand Duke

A Grand Duke is a noble title, used mainly to designate sovereigns of small independent or semi-independent realms called Grand Dukedoms. In the nobilities' hierarchy, the grand dukes are superior to Dukes and Counts.   In some realms, the title was exclusive to descendants of the male line, who would later rule in the name of their parents. At most, three Grrand Dukes have existed at the same time in the Eastern Realms.   There has not been a Grand Dukedom since the splitting of the Rossan Kingdom into Rossan, Valid and Apostoli Dukedoms in 284. Though the merging of the Rossan-Valid Dukedom seems to imply a future Grand Duke is in the making.


A hereditary position given to male educated descendants of a Grand Duke, or their relatives. Strictly primogenitural in spirit, a Grand Duke's title can nonetheless be revoked if physical or mental abilities put the inheritor in question.
Nobility, Hereditary
Equates to
Lord Governor of the Empire. Daimyo of Bushin. Sultan of Arbeka.
Reports directly to

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