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Fourth Imperial Body

"The Fourth has always done as well as is expected, and always enough to serve the Empire's purpose."
General Dagon defending the valor of his Body shortly before his demotion.
  One of the major corps making up the Kratoth Legion. Formerly under the leadership of General Dagon, now headed by his diligent son Durge. Much like Dagon himself, the Fourth Body is a by-the-book company. However it is common knowledge that its sub-commanders are odd-balls and weirdoes.   The Fourth's ranks are made up mostly with north-western Imperials used to battling Marauders and the occasional Forternian incursion. Such was seen during the latest Battle of the Baltath Hills.


The Fourth is largely standardized in its form. Lead by a General of the Imperial Legion, it is currently made up of four Chests each lead by an eponymous Commander, each of them commanding two Arms via their representative leaders, and so on all the way down to the small Finger units.
  • The Fourth Imperial Body under the Command of General Dath Pagon
  • Under him were four Chest Commanders and their units:  
    • First Chest led by Ivo Pelene. Cavalry and Spellcasters.
    • Third Chest led by Leon the Lazy Heavy Infantry and Spellcasters.

    March as One, Strike as All

    Military, Army Corps
    Alternative Names
    The Fourth, the Old Guard, the Old Body.
    Formation Type
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Parent Organization
    Related Ethnicities

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