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Mor Toith, Unmoving Rock

Mor Toith is the second largest city in the Empire. Its entire area resting atop a deeply embeded quality rock, Mor Toith has defenses for days, months, and years. Despite its proximity to Carsil, Mor Toith can be considered safe enough for children to play along the outer walls of the city-state. It is due to the expertise of its soldiers and the lower frenzy of monsters in the region.   Mor Toith is the door to the Empire, proposing a far safer path into the Empire's territories than the North with the just as feared Fana Forest and the defensible Cleaving Hills. This position also made it the point of entry of every slaves captured by the Empire during the Conquest. The city has a strong history of mistreatment and discrimination against every race. Many bloody quellings and outrages stained its plazas in the last hundred years. Though the recent changes in the Empire's policy have temprered the people's tendencies, it remains a majoritably pro-demon city-state.
Alternative Name(s)
The Stained Rock
Large city
250 000 people
Inhabitant Demonym
Characters in Location
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