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Blue Citadel

Womb of the Empire

"Let us be clear. We are not rearing children here, we are raising exemplars. We forge whole futures before they are even born."
Director Ar Akoth, about his establishment.
  A citadel devoted to the mass production and education of Demons. Unlike most other Citadels, Humans and other candidate species may also be participants. Those born and raised under its roof end up in service to the Demon Empire. Located to the east within the city-state of Edessalia.   Founded by the Fur clan in 225, the clan has remained in charge of its administration throughout the centuries, but recent developpments and the Empire's stagnation to the East have forced changes to occur.   While the prestige of the breeding facilities have been better in older times, the Blue citadel remained the obvious choice of birth for the game-changing project known as the Great Batch. However, the city's governor has not be given access to the project, who remained under the direction of former-General Ar Akoth for its full duration.

Purpose / Function

To serve as a maternity ward for Imperial Citizens, and to offer free education to their children, regardless of origin or race.


As the number of offsprings and shoolchildrens grew, the facilities rose up and expanded outside the city walls. The original buildings have been renovated in the beginning of the sixth century and are now the elite quarters for the most promising batches of recruits .


A blue castle structure is the heart of the operations, it is connected to other buildings through sky-ways on its peripheriacla Blue Tower that can direct to every of the main buildings.


Created in 225 by architect Baakuth under the direction of Demon Lord Fur Alteth Coldheart. This citadel was the staple for future breeding facilities throughout the Empire. Its success ni producing driven citizens able to both make a living and join the army at impressively young age jump-started the economy and allowed a growth never seen before.   The Conquest's success that brought half of the continent under Demon control is often attributed to the Blue Citadel's model effectiveness.
Alternative Names
Womb of the Empire
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization
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