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Mouroth the Sighing


"Holy... That guy are fast!"   "You mean that guy 'was' fast?"   "... Yeah yeah whatever, past tense." Mouroth and Esposa, discussing Snafa the Swift's speed.
  The best graduate of Edessalia's battle-school is a prodigy who earned the name Mouroth at a very young age. Now ten years old, he is already on the verge of evolving into a Hellions, much to the satisfaction of his handlers. On the other hand, Mouroth is not a very good speaker and still struggles to learn the intrincasies of the Imperial tongue. An odd thing considering he was born and raised among Demons.   Mouroth is a direct and frank Imp boy who nevertheless mumbles oftenly. His strike-first policy put him in trouble numerous times but also secured him a spot as leader of the brats in the Blue Citadel. His station made him favorite in the eyes of master-breeder Ar Eron. The taciturn Archdemon has given Mouroth more and more secretive tasks where his almost instinctual talent to read the lines and get the job done earned him a good stock of coin for his future days.   Mouroth is as gregarious as they come if one cares to let him speak his mind out. That is why noone knows him better than the joyous Esposa the Smiling, an imp from the same batch. She sticks to him harder than Dire-Frog spit, to the embarassment of Mouroth who tries to avoid her hugs and kisses. She corrects his grammatical mistakes and encourages him to play with others every chance she gets. She is his surrogate mother of sort, and he hates/loves that.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and bred in the blue citadel for the entirety of his young life. As part of a standard batch, Mouroth never knew who his parents were. He "befriended" the Imp known as Esposa during his third year of life, and the two never seperated th


Though educated in the Blue Citadel and posessing good understanding of arithmetics and physics, Mouroth still has trouble speaking the Imperial tongue fluently. His lack of linguistics is an odd thing considering he never heard another language. But thankfully, Esposa was around to help him perfect his mother tongue.


Was employed in some unofficial jobs by master-breeder Ar Eron, such as reporting about troubled students, listening in on conversations, or even stealing documents.

Intellectual Characteristics

Mouroth had a really hard time understanding difficult phrasings and expressions in Imperial commons for most of his years in life-school and battle school. Only recently did he become accustomed enough that he makes mistakes when something startles him.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Sighs a lot.


Esposa the Smiling

Batch-mate (Vital)

Towards Mouroth the Sighing



Mouroth the Sighing

Batch-mate (Vital)

Towards Esposa the Smiling



Nicknames & Petnames

Esposa calls Mouroth "Strong Boy". Mouroth struggles to find how to address her and turns red.

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
546 AS 11 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born as part of an average Demon batch. Wasn't breathing, but was successfully revived by the mage in charge of the operation.
Dark brown, almond.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Greyish red
0.90 m
49 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Get to the point."
Known Languages
Common Imperial : Bilingual.   French : Beginner.   Svenk : Barely know any words.   Spanish : Fluent.

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