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Snafa the Swift

Fastest Demon Alive

Traveler Snafa (a.k.a. "The Swift")

"No idea."
Snafa, all the time
  An impatient Archdemon working as a Traveler. Also known as "the fastest being in Orbido" (according to himself).   With a southern accent and a hurried mind, Snafa is the best courier to serve the Empire's most sensitive operations. He can make the journey from any end of the Verdant Steppes to the other in under a day, and still feel right as rain. No matter how dangerous the ground he has to pass through, nothing stops Snafa the Swift.   Given how much he travels, this particular Demon should theoretically be a well of informations and rumors from all the corners of the Empire. Sadly, Snafa runs better than he listens. While common Travelers are reliable sources of gossip, their fastest brother struggles to keep up with the latest news or even baic knowledge such as who rules the Empire or where the war is at. Free-thinking and easy-going, Snafa belongs to no clan but the Legion. He definitely isn't interesting in some old Demon putting a leash around his neck and marrying him to a warrior he doesn't know. Plus, the ladies in the brothels will miss him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From an obscure experiment with mana infusion and special diet came a little Imp filled with energy. Snafa was born in Fur Dessath and was educated there for most of his younger years. Batch-mate with Ar Akoth and Ar Eron , Snafa lived alongside his more balanced comrads without incidents. However, the young Demon went through his education quite poorly.   Missing classes, always trying to run somewhere and feel the wind on his face, he had no time to care about wars or how to find a job or anything. So long as he could run, he was happy. THis free spirit went against the expectations placed on him by the researchers who gifted him with his excessive stamina and reflexes.   WIth the help of his friends, he managed to pass battle-school with commendations and was allowed to choose his destiny. Contrary to expectations, Snafa chose to become a Traveler after befriending a gorgeous woman of the profession. He passed the Traveler tests flawlessly, becoming the youngest Traveler in history, as well as the fastest (a feat that didn't surprise the researchers who kept tabs on him). Our swift boy served with distinction, never failing a delivery, and always finding time to return to Fur Dessath to check on his slower pals.


Fur Dessath life-school and battle-school. Graduated from the Traveler School on the south of Tal Shoth.


Traveler for the last sixeen years


Snafa the Swift

old friend (Vital)

Towards Director Ar Akoth



Director Ar Akoth

old friend (Important)

Towards Snafa the Swift




The two Demons grew up together alongside their batchmates. A bond formed between the happy-go-lucky Snafa, and the reserved yet irritable Akoth. Eron finished the trio with his emotionless comments and sticky attitude.

Nicknames & Petnames

Snafa calls General Ar Akoth "Rako", because it can be said faster that way. Ar Akoth calls Snafa "Snafa"


Current Location
Date of Birth
21st of Autumn
Year of Birth
524 AS 33 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
One of the earliest trials of improved breeding via mana infusion in utero.
Orange, wide.
Triple short mohawk between his horns.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.97 m
102 kg
Appears in...

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