Orbido Beginning of Project Red Forge
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Beginning of Project Red Forge


8/4 1940:00

The Demon Empire, facing stagnation in the face of the rising powers of the other realms, needs the tools to push back and reaffirm its place as the major civilisation of the world. Its greatest assets are the rare Demon Lords. Then, what would happen if there were an army of them?

Much efforts and researches on the ways of breeding, heredity, mana strengthening, and various other experiments gathered from around the world. The Demon Lord Vel Grao proposes to use those researches to give birth to a special batch of Demons, superior to any existing in history, and matured in record time. The Project is named Red Forge, and aims to produce a Great Batch that will grow into an unstoppable force of invincible Demon Lords.

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