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Demon Lord Vel Grao

Lord Grao Vel (a.k.a. "Truthfinder")

"All doors can be unlocked, all buried secrets can be unearthed. And yet, to let these matters unsolved do not prevent our using them."
Vel Grao expressing the search for knowledge when dealing with the unscientific.
  Very old, very powerful, and a bit of a sweetheart. Demon Lord Grao is respected throughout the Demon Empire and beyond as a sage of bottomless insight. He is the current Lord-Enthusiast of the Imperial Council, charged with the study of all that pertains to Mana, the Mana Crystalisations, and the employ of quasi-technologies that result from them. His story is a varied one; first a mere mason, then a warrior, a general, a casanova, and finally a researcher.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Long braided black beard that fully hides the oppening of his robe. Nose straight from top to bottom, advanced glabella. Thick cheekbones.

Identifying Characteristics

Large gash from the bottom of his neck all the way to his cheek. Long scar beneath the right ear. A nasty burn on the right shoulder extending to the elbow.

Physical quirks

Right-handed, likes to rub his long beard, walks with his arms joined in the back, always stands perfectly straight.

Apparel & Accessories

A long gray-colored robe intertwined with golden strands and many luxurious black belts. The garb is opened and shows the vestments underneath: a deep-black coat riddled with white buttons, and upon it, a large white belt with the sigil of the empire. Numerous small parchments were neatly aligned on many points of his person, all neatly aligned vertically. The tip of his horn are enased in bronze.


Demon Lord Vel Grao

Former-master (Vital)

Towards Director Ar Akoth



Director Ar Akoth

Former-student (Vital)

Towards Demon Lord Vel Grao



Nicknames & Petnames

Ar Akoth keeps mistakenly calling Vel Grao "Master" instead of "My Lord". THe two have no nicknames for each other.

Shared Secrets

All the secret steps of the Great Batch, saw each other naked...

Shared Acquaintances

Ar Eron, Vel Ath, Fur Paveth...

Current Location
Year of Birth
413 AS 144 Years old
Dark brown, downturned.
Long, straight, raven black.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.14 m
115 kg

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