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Eight-Two-Nine (a.k.a. Etny)

"There's no having fun if no fun is being haved!"
Random Etny wisdom

A gregarious and naive Imp with great combat potential. His skin is white as snow and his bright eyes burn like a grey fire. Similarily to 19 of his batchmates, Etny is part of the Great batch, child supersoldiers resulting from the Red Forge project. Etny formed a bond with the equally strange yet mature Eight-Two-Sixteen, swearing to become his underling in Edessalia's life-school while becoming best friends with, who accompanied the two companions to Makarith.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Etny is fast on his feet, durable and unexhaustable. He is a ball of energy that surpasses understanding, like any other toddler. Except that Eight-Two-Nine is merely a few days old. His body has been specifically engineered by the greatest sages and researchers to create a body that grows strong and fast.

Facial Features

Smaller nose than other Imps.

Identifying Characteristics

Two large and long gashes on his left arm.

Physical quirks


Special abilities

Enhanced metabolism, fast healing and good stamina management.

Specialized Equipment

Headbutting for days.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Can you drink that?


Can you eat that?


Currently being educated in Edessalia's breeding citadel. While basic arithmetics and a great amount of vocabulary have been integrated in his mind via a special procedure to hasten his ability to talk, he has yet to grasp common sense, know the local culture or learn the history of the world he lives in.

Intellectual Characteristics

Etny is very smart, but his extreme youth of spirit and the fact that he learned how to speak through magical means prevent him from communicating normally. Etny has an extensive vocabulary but fails to employ it properly. He uses metaphores with complete seriousness, replaces the meaning of certain words with whatever he is feeling, and is unable to read between the lines. This does not prevent him from being cheerful and attentive. His handlers worried if he'd be able to follow orders.

Morality & Philosophy

Walking is great! Eating is great! If I put water on my arm it floats the dirt away! Water is nice!


Being mean.

A little ray of sunshine among the little Demon superchilds. Likes seeing and touching odd things, wandering into dangerous places, and hugging. Batch-mate of Aroth and Azeen.

Character Location
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Chaotic good
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
30th of Summer, 557 AS
Year of Birth
557 AS 0 Years old
Pale-grey, wide.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
26 kg
Known Languages
Common Imperial
Character Prototype
A talking puppy.

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Master Journal
49th of Summer 557

Hello master journal. I am writting you to do like Eight-Two-Sixteen do. He says it helps and he is right very very often so I write too!   I start with the day. It was good. I climbed a tree and jumped on the roofs. I am strong and fast! I like being strong and fast because we are superior subjects of experimentation like the masters say. (not the other journals, the Demon masters masters). So I want to jump and climb and run more too!   End of day there was the meeting of parents. I see nobody and I don't know why. No pale mommy like me being very pale. No father to do the hugging. Is very sad but Etsy understands and agrees to hug. Etsy so smart and calm like the adults it's like he is little father!   I don't like writting so I end here. Bye!


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