Orbido Birth of the Great Batch
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Birth of the Great Batch

Life, Birth

2/2 14:00
71/2 21:00

This day saw the entry into the world of twenty highly profiled Demons, born for greatness, and to be bred for conquest. It is a secretive yet vastly influencial event that called the attention of every major powers in the Demon Empire, all of them striving for even one individual to join their cause.

The birthing of twenty Demons of superior physical and mental apbilities had been planned for more than fifteen years, under the personnal guidance of Demon Lord Vel Grao Truthfinder and his former apprentice, Director Ar Akoth. After long years of conceptualisation, planning, and screening for perfect candidates, twenty couples joined the city of Fur Dessath where they followed magical procedures, proper diets, and extensive training to prepare offsprings in the best possible conditions.   Every birth but one unfolded without an itch. The sixteenth Demon spawn had no pulse and breath on birth and had to be reanimated through great effort on the part of the staff. In the end however, all parents and child were accounted for and soothed to full health the following days.   The success of the experiment and the abilities shown by the children would exceed all expetations and attract the attention of powerful State Governors, Legion Officers and Clan Leaders over the next few months.

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