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The Slaver's Creek

A port city-state standing on the eastern coast of the Verdant Steppes. The city supplies the Demon Empire with precious tin to mix into bronze. Orpa Thens was once known as Palathens, one of the oldest cities of the Demonkind. Despite the efforts of the Demon First Sent, Palathens was a struggling village that barely managed to stave off the monsters from the coast and the migratory swarms that followed the river. But with the prosperous earnings of the Imperial-Feral wars and with its vital tin mines, the city gradually gained enough power to stand on its own. Named in reference to being a "cheap replica" of an Old World city, it is nonetheless the third largest settlement in the Demon Empire.   Orpa Thens was founded on a delta near the ends of two of the rivers that supply the Verdant Steppes, the Amioth and the Omega which form many sub-branches that end up in the Undying Ocean. A large scale project of joining the two rivers is under development, though the Orpa clan that govern the city would rather finance other projects, such as defense against the encroaching Feral forces and maintenance on their tin mines.   Orpa Thens first built its economy around fishing in the sea. In the Verdant Steppes, cultivating lands is a harsh matter because of the monsters roaming the fields. After time went on and the people became used to handling powerful beasts, the trade of goods by convoy ships and caravans was encouraged. The greatest product of Orpa Thens were the Lega slaves captured and bred from the Feral Isles, which served to estract tin from the limestones of the many rivers of the region. That being said, recent changes in the Empire's politics have put this particular business in a more peculiar position.


Governed by a governor, a city council handles smaller affairs.


Defended by high walls that surround the entirety of the creek. On the sea-side, two cliffs serve as barriers forcing entrance and exits through a thin canal to the ocean.


Great naval assets, long history of slave trades and convoy management.
Alternative Name(s)
The Clam
Large city
210 000 people
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