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The Bunshin

"Our Bunshin nation, Old and New married, the Warriors nod." Bunshinese poem.
  The fallen realm of Bunshin was a land locked in time for centuries. Apart from the warfaring advances brought by magic and the new types of metal Orbido countained, the politics of the realm never changed overly much.   Originaly ruled by an Emperor in the Old World, the Bunshin First Sent had no leader among the reincarnated. As such, military advisors and great warriors asserted their power. Some of the First Sent claimed to be Province Lords of the Old World before reincarnating, but their new Human bodies made verifying their claims impossible. After a short stressful period, former War Lords and other nobles chose to forget the conflicts from their past lives to create an ideal young warring nation. The peaceful West of the continent allowed them to thrive without too much trouble from beasts and invaders.

Honor and Etiquette

Geopolitical, Stratocracy
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