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Greater Arbeka

Arbeka is a large devout nation of varied Ahurans clans inhabiting the Far West of the continent. The desert they inhabit does not impend their development much thanks to their technological advances and their species' capacities of adaption. Arbekan citizens are defended by the Blades of Arbeka, a neutral organization regrouping soldiers sharing a same mindset, with major contributions to the repeling of the Demon Empire some 100 years prior and in constant struggle against desert monstrosities. Through their sacrifices, Arbekan scholars can study and improve their civilization in peace.   Society and government in Arbeka are organized according to a feudal hierarchy. All clans are united under a single religion with one individual at the top of the pyramid, the reigning Mumatil accompanied by Prophets that counsel him and his advisors. Its religion, Islam, has survived the First Sending excidingly well compared to other lost beliefs such as Christianity, Paganism, and the belief in spirits that have dwindled in the eastern Realms, the Demon Empire, and the Feral Isles.


A Representative (Mumatil) seats at the highest echelon under the grace of his relationship with the soul of the Blood of the Prophet of the Old World.   Prophets are a seperate entity, not always represented by a lone individual. They descend from great thinkers of the Old World. They study the effect of the traditions of Islam, write down the laws, and debate with the Sultan of what the nation's priority should be.   Califs and Dukes show loyalty to the Sultanate by executting the commends and tending to their people so that any request may be answered. Levies, rationning, education, all must be impeccable.


Thanks to the Arbekan's serious recording efforts, there a re a lot of texts that survived the passage of time and

True Belief Never Dies

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Alternative Names
The Realm of the West, the Desert Nation, the Sand-Eating Warrior Land.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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