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Ardent Fields

The southern region of the Eastern Realms is a dry savannah upon which the Rossan-Valid Dukedom prospered and withered. Most of the water supplies come from a river stemming from the Carsil Forest and whose source has yet to be identified. The Herbefeu Fields stop to the North when one reaches a few ravines. They end west where the sea gnawed a creek deep into the territory, Midland is found further down the road. It is advised to keep to the west when trying to passthrough this ravaged land.   A horrible disaster involving giant monsters known as the Five Beasts ravaged the Fields throughout the 530s, turning the occupied arable lands to dust and ashes. Solitary trees can sometimes be found acres between each other and the high grass hides the monsters that roam on a daily basis. It is said they are still feeding on the remaining mana traces the Five Beasts seeded. It is easy to mistake the harsh environment for something One might see in the Verdant Steppes on the other side of the giant forest.   The Fields are home to few peaceful or domesticated species. Hunters and adventurers make a few pennies exterminating feral monsters whose quality pelts and bones can be exchanged for food with other realms at the edge ofthe territory.


Flat as a board, the Herbefeu Fields earned their names for the vast grasslands that turned red as the sun went down. However, the violenceit suffered recently went as far as changing the geography entirely.   Craters, giant rocks, canyons can be found like unwanted drops of brown and grey on a master's painting. The further to the center of the territory you go, the more you see such anomalies.   Other than that, it remains a savannah of tall grass, few trees and the occasionnal river the faunas flowcks to according to the seasons.

Natural Resources

Under the soil of the Herbefeu fields are some precious minerals. Copper and iron notably, mostly found to the north near the ravines.   Monster parts are easy to find, but hard to get. The few guilds that exist stay near the Dukedom's major city to the south-east, or to the main roads circling the west and north before adventuring to the center and hunt their game.
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The Maimed Land
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