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Elder Nicholas

"I cannot thank you enough for volunterring. You are not... dissapointed are you?" Nicholas, thanking adventurers.
  A few decades ago, living in the Ardent Fields required survival skills and sacrifices. It is something the mayor of one of the few remaining villages knew all too well. The shy Elder Nicholas did his best to sustain his starving and moral-depleted people. To that end, he prioritized the Adventurer's Guild for it is the only source of income, and thus supplies until the peasants can grow their valuable crops again.   There are countless quests that need completing before his village can become self-sustaining again, but thanks to early finances from Duke Gedric de Nostagi, Nicholas acquired sufficient means to reward wanting adventurers. It is a hard choice, paying mercenaries instead of feeding his people, by Nicholas did it, for it is the only way to the future.

A desperate elder who wishes to protect his small village. Malnourished, it seems he has sacrificed his share of food for the sake of others. Thinks of others before himself.

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Current Location
468 AS 522 AS 54 years old
Bald, long beard.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White, dried.
1.59 m
50 kg
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