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Eternal Conquest

What was to be the Eternal Conquest was a continent-wide conflict involving the mighty Demon Empire Empire and the realms it visited during its century-long attempt at world domination. Starting from the East in the Verdant Steppes, its battlefields extended as far as the Ladesh Desert.

The Conflict


Decades after the establishment of the Keratos Empire, following a successful campaign against the Feral Isles, the Empire and its leaders were unified in a will to expand their warrior-like nation beyond their borders even at great diplomatic cost against their direct and future neighbors.


The Demon Empire had to pay reparations to nearly all of the continent, stopping its and endebting it to the Kingdom of Blunter.   The Eastern Realms fell into chaos, allowing the rise of new duchies and kingdoms.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

Mobile Mage Tower (MMT) were invented to allow precise sniping against dangerously powerful targets.

Travelers became a valued profession after its effectiveness in spreading intel was shown.

Many types of Mana crystalisation were extrated and researched for use in warfare.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Retreat of the Demon Empire behind its former border. Founding of the Van Republic, Fortern Kingdom, and countless other powers. Influence of Demon culture and technologies on half the continent.

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