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Sometimes, the postal system in Orbido does not rely on horses or caravans... It relies on the strength of legs. With the existence of mana in the world, physical abilities have increased manyfolds. As such, a special case of professionnals have come to mmaster movement in any of its form. Stemming from the great Ahurans guerillas in Arbeka, the Demon EMpire trained troops to travel unimpeded through every terrain. The Travelers were the result of this extreme training.



Passing the three Traveler exams in the forest south of Tal Shoth. Travellers have maximised movements through harduous training andthe strengthening of their bodies with mana. Being apple to traverse dangerous grounds in record time where horses would not venture or where an armored escort would be to slow, or even in the middle of a colossal battle.

Career Progression

The Travellers are ranked according to the number of Ebony (Demon Empire), or Golden (Arbeka) stiches adorning the carrier-shield on the Traveller's back. Five is the most a Traveller can get, defining the trust it has received.



Carry important messages and instructions regardless of location or dangerosity. Item delivery is included according to the Traveler's capacity.

Social Status

Viewed as the profession of crazy people who could run into fire or the jaws of monsters for a few coins. Thrill-seekers valuing the journey and not the goal.


Around 2500 Travelers are in service by 557, most of them, about 65% are assigned to military uses within the Legion, 30% have a mercantile use, 5% are independent.


Created in 402 after the Conquest brought the Legion to arms against Arbeka and its unorthodox approach to warfare and the use of magic.



A hollow wooden shield that can be placed on the back. Seperated into sections for degree of importance. A common leather bag for carrying goods. A gourd.


Travelers require high-energy snacks to work efficiently. Milk is the best drink they can use. Fishes and grains maintain their energy levels throughout the day. They also need raw materials to repair their clothes as they move through abrasive terrain or are damaged by monsters.
Alternative Names
IN high demands since the first creation, memory of the guerilla warfare against Arbekan Travelers created the need for Imperial versions of hardened movement specialists.

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