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Small independant realm on the western coast of the Green Sea. Lead by the diplomatic Count Eudes de Courageon. Its proximity to the Fortern Kingdom almost cost it its independence numerous times in the past, though it held on thanks to its easy access to sea-side resources and a strategic emplacement making its takeover a dangerous prospect, at least from a military perspective.


A feudal realm. It is lead by a Count and his retainers who can levy peasants and raise taxes.


Closely related to the Forternian culture due to its proximity and a shared past under the Francia Empire. However, Pas-le-Morrant tries to keep its identity proper. THe realm it has most in common with however is Dansenoix, its twin brother so to speak with whom they share many traits from languages and structure to feasts and beliefs, due in no small part to the leadership of two brothers native to the region.

Public Agenda

Maintain independance. Grow wealthy alongside its partners.


Coast filled with calm bays for fishing villages.
Trade routes to multiple foreign powers.

By the Sea, For the Sea

Geopolitical, County / March
Leader Title
Notable Members
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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