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"These little bastards are pretty vicious, but also pretty tasty. Just make sure they don't skin you. "
    Dire-ducks are carnivorous breed of avians that patrol the rivers and lakes of the Verdant Steppes. Their migration periods coincide with the absence of much more dangerous monsters. However, these little creatures shouldn't be underestimated. Dire-ducks have additionnals talons on their wings and their becks have pointy ends to pierce flesh of fish or intruders. A flock of Dire-ducks can be more dangerous than any giant monster if the entire unit feels threatened.   An edible monster, they are hunted and appreciated by the Demons who have perfected cooking their flesh. A few centuries ago, attempts were made to domesticate them, but the experiment failed horribly.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

A long feathered body, a small neck and bird wings. From a distance, Dire-Ducks are hard to differentiate from simple non-eye-gouging birds. They have hard beaks that end with razor-sharp hooks while the inside of their mouth is full of similarily cutting bones. Their palmed talons help them swim atop water but also to cling to larger preys, leaving them able to peck it to death.

Ecology and Habitats

"I've seen a flock peck out a horse in a matter of seconds. As if some sort of black rain was melting it down to the bone."
  Dire Ducks are migratory birds who travel in large groups over long distances. They seperate when it comes time to reproduce or lay their eggs, which are the perfect times to hunt them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

DDs are amphibious and feed mostly on fishes, but have the capacity to digest land animal meat, including bipedal species such as Humans and Demons. When on the hunt, Dire-Ducks land on a water mass and begin scouting for fishes while half of the group patrols the sky for intruders or in-land preys.

Additional Information


Dire-Ducks are fairly easy to tame, even without using magical abilities. They form bonds with the first moving thing they see once they hatch, and follo orders from their leaders with perfect synchrnonisation. Some believed DDs were made for domestication.   However, it is nigh impossible to maintain a full platoon of Dire-Ducks under control, even after years of training and indoctrination (or should I say in-duck-trination). Multiple fatal incidents occured whenever more than 20 DDs were brought together for training, making Dire-Ducks worthless for defending settlements or repelling monsters. They do serve as carriers sometimes, but mostly they end up in a Demon's belly.

Average Intelligence

Individually simple, a larger amounts of specimens in a flock can create more intricate behaviours. Groups have shown to be able to avoid simple traps (snares, baits...), plan ambushes, or secure an occupied nesting ground. Dire-Ducks have been witnessed to cooperate in order to carry large bounties back to their nests.
Scientific Name
Anatidae tyranus
25 years
Average Height
0.42 m
Average Weight
14 kg
Average Length
1 m
Average Physique
Light-weighted, Dire-Ducks can carry no more than half their personnal weight. But by relying on the help of other Dire-ducks, they can lift heavy loads and push away predators.

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