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Giant-sized bull of the Eastern Realms, gorged with mana allowing its huge frame to move at high speed when the time comes. Usualy slowly gazing on full-sized trees, the Gigantaure move in herds along the outskirts of large forests, migrating south while keeping the forest in their reach at all times.

Basic Information


As high as four meters for three and a half long. They have short fur but a good layer of fat and muscles to keep them warm. Giant horns on their forehead are made of keratin and grow wider than their frame. These horns are lighter than they appear, letting them raise the head high enough to reach the top of trees. They are adapted to temperate temperatures and move to the tropics when the temperatures drop or the food is too scarce.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Large herbivores, their height allows them to reach nutritous fruits and the branches of trees. Their habit of moving along the south and north gives them the nickname of "Patrolling Bulls"

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