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Form of Doubt

Imps are the initial stage of evolution for every member of the Demon race. They are small and weaker than humans, and have clear limitations to their growth unless they reach the requirements for evolution into Hellions. It is a common objective of every imp to at least turn into an hellion before their twelfth birthday so that they can work for a living without looking like old children.   Imps are considered ugly even by the rest of the Orbidian races, though really beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Their impish body is bent slightly forward, their arms long enough to reach the knees. They have no hair to speak of, and small wrinkles saturate their entire ensemble, especially their face. The oversized head and the broad shoulders also demark them from humanoid standards that the Demon First Sent possessed (being Humans in the Old World, the First Sent were not accustomed to Demon appearances). The Demon population has grown accustomed to impish features as centuries rolled in. The comparaison with the much uglier and uncivilised Goblins of the Fana Forest is a debate that is best not spoken.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo daemonis infer

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