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"Hallowed are the Senders. In their abunding mercy, they gifted us with our second lives and the trials within. This we accept." Way of Acceptance Priest referencing the Senders
  Whether they are truly divine or merely superior beings, it seems fitting to consider the few Senders as a species of their own right.   The Senders are phantomatic and uncanny race said to be the guarding deities who monitor Orbido. They are associated with reincarnating the First Sent of each Orbidian civilizations. Some believe Senders can directly transfer abilities to people in order to change the tide of fate, others that they insert the souls of dead people of the Old World. The latter ability is the most observed one, with reincarnated individuals being called the @Sent.   Their species' appearance matches that of Humans, but the brevity of their encounters are not making it clear that they are the same species. From witness accounts, they seem able to manipulate Mana at will and without limits or drawbacks. WHat is certain is that they can resurrect people. The oldest people to have been revived, those who jumpstarted all civilizations on Orbido, are called First Sent.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

The Senders are not surprised when they meet souls from any era or location, even those from an advanced point in time where the Sent knows about guns or advanced physics. Their clothes are finely woven indicating a certain craftsmanship.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Senders adress their visitors in their mother tongues and do not appear to posess a language of their own.

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