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Demon Clans

Clans in the Demon Empire are groups of people connected by kinship, not always familial in nature. The Clan name is added to the patronymic name and the numerals proved during the birth if the child was born and raised in a Breeding Citadel. It is a loosely instituted concept, born in the first century of the Daemonis Republic as the bonds within the walled communities grew stronger and dynasties of powerful Demons instaured themselves. Eventually, the clan ideal formed and remains to this day a crucial part of Imperial culture.   There are a few dozen well-known clans throughout the Verdant Steppes, some far more important than others. If one were to count the smaller made-up clans, the tally could rise to the thousands. Demon Remnant society also employs Clans, perhaps in an even deeper relation given how being seperated from the homelands must have forced the communities to stay ever closer together.


Not exactly houses, a Clan can welcome three kinds of members:
  • The True. biological descendants of the original clan founders, or adopted members who were integrated for their valor and skills.
  • The Honorary. Important figure in the process of becoming part of the True members. They are allowed to bear the name of the Clan along with their original name.
  • The Retainers. The more numerous kinds, serving as underlings. They respect the wishes of their patron clans. Their loyalty to the clan is shared with their loyalty to the city they serve or the Legion they belong to.
  • Type
    Geopolitical, Clan
    Alternative Names
    Demon Families, Kin
    Parent Organization
    Subsidiary Organizations
    Related Ethnicities

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