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The Dread Path

A distant and mutated offshoot of the Way of Acceptance, the Dread Path is a cult with far more radical ideals. The cult dabbled in mass suicide rites, assassination of opponents, and terrorist attacks. Hunted down for years, it is believed to be destroyed yet some remnant admirers have survived the years. Midland is known for being the largest nest of the cult, since Midlander First Sent are the earliest installment of a Sending.   Contrary to more temperate Way of Acceptance, Dread Path followers believed that the Sending was an aberration. Believers view themselves as "beings who shouldn't exist", born from people who shouldn't have been alive. IN other words, every First Sent was an abomination who shouldn't have been saved from the Old World. To Pathers, life in Orbido is meaningless and they themselves hold no value. So why bother existing? Their conclusion is that all life should end after one trial. As such, the legendary people from other world, the Sent, are their natural enemy.


The Dread Path is centered around formal leaders, the Guides, who dedicate their life to finding followers and teaching them a new way to live.

Public Agenda

To open people to the truth, that this world is wrong and their lives were not meant to be. To boster their ranks in prevision of the next Sending. To eliminate the current Sent at all cost. To survive until every Soul in Orbido can be ruptured.


Destroyed for their fanatical beliefs by both the primary Way of Acceptance and the Realms that harboured them, the Dread Path has lost much of its original strength and is currently recovering in the shadows.   At its peak, the cult had followers in every single country except Arbeka, and counted almost 100 000 Pathers, with the backing of very powerful Dwarven merchants and Human nobles that financed their activities.

Walk the Dread Path

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Forbidden Way
Parent Organization

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