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"Basically? Soul Science is no science... It's all conjectures and tired hopes at this point. Once the last of the First passes away the entire section should come to a halt on principle."
Unknown researcher lamenting the impossibility of progress.
  Something remains after death, something that the beings known as the Senders seem to manipulate at will, letting it flow between the boundaries of worlds. That something could be the Soul, the culmination of one's being. Or maybe it is simply one's memories that is transfered from their first body to the next. The truth is impossible to grasp, and too ellusive to picture.   What is observed is that Old World people have memories from after their death, when they met with the Senders while staying in an astral shape. After a few words from these higher beings, the process that would be called the @Sending commenced. Every dead being had its consciousness displaced into a new body, on another world foreign to their knowledge. This process had quite litteraly given doomed persons a new chance at living.   Few are the researchers who attempt to replicate the process the Senders pulled them through, and even fewer achieved even the slighest hint of a result.


"What happens when we die? You'd think this question would have been solved once people could actually tell you about their experience."


Orbido an the Old World appear to allow for the existence of "souls" given how transfer between the two is possible.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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