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"It is said that when the Legion first came to Lugo, they complimented the shody walls and insisted they help improve them. (after they stopped beating us into submission...). Now the Demons are gone but the walls look very nice."
- A citizen of Lugo
  Lugo is the proud capital city of the Apostoli Dukedom. It is a prosperous settlement whose prestige ironically stems from the acts of invaders. Once a small Human village of low import, it was rebuilt into a massive fortified hub to help the Demon Empire conquer the rest of the Eastern Realms during their legendary Conquest.   Placed on near the middle of the Crescent Basin, north of the Herbefeu Fields that lead to distant Rossan-Valid, Lugo is renowned for its nigh destruction and prompt rebuilding by the Demon Legion. The former village held little interest for the settlers of the time, and Imperial forces wiped out its defenders as an example. But a cunning secretary of the Legion suggested the village be rebuilt and its inhabitants spared to help spread the might of the Empire to the region.


Directly ruled by the Duke or Duchess of Apostoli. A Gran-Major can be appointed to lead the city as a vassal of the nobility.


Much like the City-States found in the Verdant Steppes, the walls of Lugo are made of stone and clay brick dominated by mud-brick breastworks. With a width of 3 metres and a height of 6 meters, it is somewhat less defensible than the extremes of its type yet retains great defensive factor. In the Crescent Basin, monster attacks are extremely rare after all. Several watchtowers are built at the corners of the city, and a bastion of sorts is atttached to the southern district to serve as an observation post and barracks for large armies.


Larger than most Easternite cities, it is comprised of four districts delimited by high walls as per Imperial culture. The northernmost district being the residential district, the west being the merchant district, the east for the wealthy settlers, and the larger one south for resource gathering.
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