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Lord-General of the Empire

"I ask of the Legion that it survives long enough for me to beat new reforms on its smoking behind. Making it mindlessly charge up a hill is not a step in the right direction, literally in fact."
Lord-General Pardon reprimanding Dath Dagon.
  The Lord-General commands the entirety of the Kratoth Legion, a role he shares with the Lord-Emperor in order to facilitate their rule. They are elected to this position for great accomplishments in combat, a tactical mind, and reverence among the officers and elite troops of the Empire.   A Lord-General sits at the Imperial Council, with the Lord-Astynomian, the Lord Orator, and the other highest echelons of Imperial powers.


A Lord-General wages war on behalf of the will of the Imperial Council and the Lord-Emperor's ambitions. They devote their skills and strengths to lead the Demon Legion as a whole to comprise all fronts at once. To maintain a delicate with the distribution of force is the greatest challenge that can be faced in their service.


Overseeing the tactics, testing and/or coming up with new ways to wage wars, handling the Havok, promoting promising Generals of the Imperial Legion... There is no end to the Lord-General's responsabilities. That is why Secretaries handle a lot of his worlkload and take care of the various paperworks, leaving the Supreme Commander free to handle problems one at a time.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
My Lord, Lord-General
Alternative Naming
Head of Legion, Supreme Commander
Past Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations
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